In 2021, the global mergers and acquisitions topped $5 trillion for the first time ever. This trend is also quite evident in the IT world. According to our 2021 MSP Benchmark Survey Report, 26% of MSPs are looking to make an acquisition in the next two to three years, while 8% are hoping to sell during that same time frame. This indicates a great M&A potential in the IT industry over the next few years. Even the MSPs that are not contemplating an exit now might receive some unsolicited inquiries in the not-so-distant future.

While transferring documentation following a merger could be a lengthy and complex process, we, at IT Glue, are committed to making this process easier and faster. With the Cross-Account Migration service, you will not only benefit from efficient data transfer, but you will also maintain all your asset relationships as well.

Let’s find out how Cross-Account Migration saves valuable time transferring your data and prevents starting your documentation from scratch.

Getting Started

Migrating your documentation across IT Glue accounts while maintaining all asset relationships and folder organization is now possible with the IT Glue Cross-Account Migration Service. A Professional Services representative will guide you through the migration process to ensure that the time you spent setting up your documentation is not lost.

The Migration Service will help you transfer your data as well as related items of existing assets, documents and users. You won’t have to start the process of documenting your data from scratch again or recreate the relationships between hundreds of items you worked hard to record in the first place.

Data that can be migrated will come from User Accounts and Organizations such as:

  • All core assets including documents and passwords
  • Data from all flexible assets
  • Related attachments to documents and assets
  • Related items and tag linking
  • Folder structures

If you would like to learn more about this service, please reach out to your Account Manager directly.

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