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Leave no network undocumented.

Network Glue is the tool you need to gain complete and comprehensive visibility into your clients’ networks. Equipped with automatic discovery, documentation, and diagramming, keeping your clients’ networks up to date is effortless.

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Leave the site walks to us. The Network Glue collector detects all devices on your clients’ networks regardless of vendor. It even discovers Active Directory environments including the AD role of each workstation and server, and automatically brings in AD users from on-premises or hybrid environments.


Say goodbye to hidden devices. All network devices and all on-premises and hybrid Active Directory users are automatically documented and updated in IT Glue. This includes virtual components of networks for Hyper-V and VMware.


We can’t all be artists. Let Network Glue generate comprehensive network diagrams for you. Unique icons help to quickly interpret network diagrams, and are fully integrated with IT Glue so contextual information is pulled up when a device icon is clicked.

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can do for you.

Strategic Network Planning

Be proactive, not reactive. The information Network Glue provides empowers you to advise your clients on high-stakes issues like security.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Knowing your clients’ networks means that you know their areas of inefficiencies, too. You can then leverage QBRs as an opportunity to offer your strategic vision.

Onboarding New Clients

Speed up your onboarding process. Remotely. And with just a few clicks. The more documentation you have off the bat, the greater levels of service you can provide.


Visualize your clients network and interpret areas of weakness. Network Glue diagrams make identifying and troubleshooting issues simple and efficient.

How Network Glue Works

Remotely install the Network Glue collector on your clients’ networks, and watch the magic happen.

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Once installed, the Network Glue collector detects all devices on your clients’ networks, such as (but not limited to) printers, routers, and switches, regardless of their vendor.


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Not only does Network Glue automatically document all network devices, but it ensures that these devices remain up to date by refreshing the network periodically.


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Network Glue generates comprehensive network diagrams, allowing you to visualize your clients' networks without any of the manual effort.


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The Network Glue blog covers tips and tricks on how you can leverage the power of network documentation and automation to better service your customers.

The Fundamentals of Active Directory Documentation

Active Directory forms the basis of the client network that is in charge of centralized domain management. It manages directory-based, identity-related services that store information about objects on the network and makes it easily accessible to administrators and users. The data it stores includes users, their contact information, passwords and their permissions.  Whether you are an MSP or an internal IT team, Active Directory documentation for each environment you support must be considered a top priority activity. However, the question is, how do you document an Active Directory? That’s exactly what we cover in this blog. 

Boost MSP Productivity With Active Directory Security Groups Sync

Today, when a ticket comes in concerning Active Directory permissions held by a specific user, your technician will have to log in and navigate through the Active Directory server to get that information. Now, learning keyboard shortcuts and some rapid navigation might be an okay solution, but wouldn’t it be more efficient to get all the information from one place?

Our Happy Customers

See what our partners are saying about Network Glue!

Frank Hannaford – Project Manager, CoreTech

“Network Glue gives us the context so the on-call techs can easily zone in on devices and the information they need to very quickly know what’s going on.”


Steve Rickets – Director of Technical Services, Roeing

“We implemented Network Glue for 3 of our clients so far, and it has already given us a lot of network insights, such as devices and connections, that we never had before. We never bothered with the 3 networks that we just mentioned as it will probably take us at least two to three days of work.”

Matt Lucas – FRC Manager, CBE IT Solutions

“Before Network Glue, network documentation was a multi-hour manual process. Now, this whole process is automated. The ongoing updates to documentation and diagramming is what we find the most valuable. When our on-site technicians make a change, they no longer have to remember to update the documentation and diagrams, and our help desk automatically sees these changes.”

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