Amado Mio

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Rita Hayworth in Charles Vidor’s Gilda (1946) sings Amado Mio. Try to recall the melody today, each time you need a cigarette or you feel stressed.

“Amado Mio, love me forever, and let forever begin tonight.
Amado Mio, when we’re together, I’m in a dream world, of sweet delight.

Many times I’ve whispered – Amado Mio
It was just a phrase, that I heard in plays, I was acting a part
But now when I whisper – Amado Mio
Can’t you tell I care, by the feeling there, for it comes from my heart
My one endevour – my love, my darling,
Would be to hold you- and hold you tight
Amado Mio, love me forever, and let forever begin tonight.”

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