We’ve all heard it before. You need to fully understand the “Why” before even considering the “How”. A bit of a cliché? Maybe, but a good approach for anything.

With this new update, Network Glue is starting on the path to give you the “why” in addition to the physical information of a device (the “what”), setting you up to efficiently understand the role of a network device immediately when troubleshooting. Network Glue automatically identifies the role of a workstation or server within the on-premise Active Directory infrastructure, including Primary Domain Controller, Backup Domain Controller, Member Workstation, and Member Server. This is the first step in identifying what purpose a given device serves.

You can also easily identify whether or not a workstation or server is the Primary Domain Controller or Backup Domain Controller visually on the network diagram. One of the many benefits of this is that it enables your helpdesk to easily pinpoint which machine to focus on to initiate Active Directory troubleshooting. Time is no longer wasted searching down devices.

For more information about the domain role field, check out the Knowledge Base article, and to see the new network diagram icons click here.

If you want to learn more about Network Glue, take a look at the Network Glue demo.

If you’re new to IT Glue, best to start with the start and learn why we’re the way MSPs document.

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