We’re thrilled to have former de facto head of Anonymous and high profile federal informant, Hector Monsegur join our line-up of engaging speakers! You may have seen his name in the news, heralded as one of the world’s most famed hackers, who was instrumental in steering cyber-attacks on targets including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Sony and the U.S. Senate.

But that’s not all we’ve got lined up. We’ve got Guy Kawasaki, Paul Dippell, Gary Pica, Mark Copeman, Nigel Moore, Richard Tubb, and the list goes on!

Some highlights include a pre-day workshop on how to accelerate your profit; a breakout session that gives the details on how hackers attack MSPs and how to fight back; a Security XPro Certification Course; and an expert panel titled MSP Innovators: Pivoting for Success.

The excitement is building as we draw closer to GlueX. Behind the scenes, the Glue Crew have pulled together a truly fantastic event. Not all virtual events are created equal, and we can promise you that GlueX will be the best virtual event experience you have this year.

The event will unfold on one of the world’s best virtual platforms that promises compelling visuals, feature-packed sponsor booths, an intuitive interface, and superior opportunities for 1:1 interaction. While attendees will be joining from around the world, the platform will bridge the distance between.

Did I mention there will be $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs? We’re giving away a 3D printer, a DJI Mavic Mini Drone, and iPhone 11 Pro, a Dyson vacuum, and a VR headset (to name just a few).

Tickets are only $99, so the question is, why haven’t you registered?

Head over to GlueX.co to get all set up