Documentation Resources for MSPs & IT Teams

IT Glue is committed to your success. To that end, we have compiled a massive library of resources to help you get the most out of your IT documentation.


4 Ways Smart Documentation Keeps Your Business Running Throughout the Holiday Season

While the holiday season is a fun time for everyone else, business owners, including MSPs, always find it challenging to keep their operations running during the most demanding time of the year. Juggling between work and fun could be overwhelming for most IT professionals. However, there is a workaround to this with the help of smart documentation. Download this infographic to learn four simple ways how smart documentation can help you operate your business smoothly without ruining the festivities of your holiday season!


Webinar: The Future of IT: Conversational Service Delivery & Workflow Automation

Join Mark Alayev, CEO of Chatgenie, and Michelle Oo, Product Manager of BMS, to learn about workflow automations and the emerging strategy Conversational Service Delivery—including built-for-ITSM chat bots alongside live support agents—and how MSPs need to adopt them to improve support outcomes, reduce response time, and create efficiencies that will differentiate your services.


Steps to Ensure Successful CMMC Compliance Checklist

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) provides the necessary frameworks against the rising cyberthreats across the globe. Any company that does business with the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) must fully comply with the CMMC and obtain the required certification. This step-by-step checklist will help you with all CMMC compliance.


Webinar: The Key to Successful Network Diagramming & Documentation

The move to a remote or hybrid work culture has affected businesses in various ways. To no surprise, network security and visibility have been significant obstacles. It has become increasingly difficult for techs to map every network out there and keep it up to date. This makes their systems vulnerable to cyberattacks. This session will provide MSPs and IT teams with best practices for network diagramming and documenting to help improve their security posture.


Webinar: 5 Most Important MSP Marketing Fundamentals

Before you start trying to generate new leads, you need to get the basics right. Learning the marketing fundamentals can guarantee you with best returns in your lead generation efforts. If you are wondering how you can learn all that, we've got you covered. Join MSP marketing expert Paul Green for this exclusive IT Glue webinar where you can discover the basics of MSP marketing.


Webinar: Cybersecurity Attacks Demystified for MSPs

As MSPs become more frequent targets for cyberattacks, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the various types of threats to establish your security framework. Doing so will improve your security posture and the ability to mitigate and recover from an incident, and by extension, your clients as well. Join us for an insightful session with Jacob Bedard, ID Agent Security Solutions Specialist and Hossein Rajabi, IT Glue Sales Engineer, on demystifying cybersecurity attacks to gain a competitive edge with your security offerings.


Webinar: Cybersecurity: CMMC Readiness for MSPs

The CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) framework is targeted for full implementation across over 300,000 U.S. businesses over the next five years as a requirement of DoD contracts. But it doesn’t stop there. CMMC is the only cybersecurity framework established with an army of third-party assessors, multiple additional government and civilian agencies that have indicated that they will  follow suit to select CMMC as their required cybersecurity proficiency for supply chain contracts. Join us for an insightful webinar with Joy Beland, where she will discuss all you need to know about CMMC and how it will help you achieve cyber resilience against emerging threats.


Webinar: Reduce Time Waste in Your IT Department

It’s been estimated that IT workers waste 20% of their time looking for information. It’s no mystery why – that information is spread around Word, wikis, your service management platform, SharePoint, your best tech’s brain, and so on. All this time waste is an epidemic, and it has a huge impact on your team's productivity.


Webinar: Cyber Security Masterclass: Develop and Maintain your Cyber Security Offering

With MSPs being targeted, you have now become a risk to your clients. As an MSP, part of your responsibility to your clients is taking steps to safeguard their security, so you need to see yourself as a risk in order to act accordingly. This includes making sure you and your clients are protected financially to ensure long-term success. Because of this, cyber insurance claims are becoming a part of everyday life. Join our two-part Cyber Security Masterclass with Leia Shilobod, CEO, InTech Solutions, Inc. for actionable guidance on how to develop your security processes, policies and tech stack to support your security and compliance efforts, and ensure your cyber insurance claims are not denied.


Webinar: How to Build a Culture of Documentation Internally and Cross-Functionally

The move to remote or hybrid work environments has affected businesses in a whole new way by resulting in miscommunication, reduced collaboration and knowledge gaps. This has created more room for mistakes and decreased productivity and efficiency across teams. Proper documentation offers the best solution to overcome all these challenges. Documentation may seem overwhelming at first. However, by building a culture of documentation in your business, you can operate efficiently and proactively.


Webinar: 4 Tips to Breaking Down Silos of IT Knowledge

Do you know where all your information is located? If your answer is yes, you’re one of the lucky ones. In most organisations, important information is spread across many silos. This makes it extremely difficult to find key information when you need it. In fact, IT workers spend about 20% of their time on average looking for necessary information. Bad documentation can hold your IT team back! If you’re experiencing these issues you’ll already be aware of them, but you may not be aware of what the root cause is. IT environments are complicated beasts that can be a challenge to tame. Join an insightful session for actionable guidance on how to break down silos of IT knowledge.


IT Documentation: A Beginner’s Guide eBook

IT documentation outlines the steps to rectify an issue, how to execute a process, operate efficiently, gain more knowledge, and more. In this eBook, we’ll explore the different aspects of IT documentation and how you can leverage it for long-term success.