Bell’s Brewery: Case Study

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Incorporating a new documentation system in your organization requires careful consideration of various things. Bell’s Brewery is a craft brewery that originated in 1985 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They have five sites across the United States with about 600 employees. They create a wide range of products including year-round, seasonal and limited-production beers. They manage their own store and brewpub and is also the seventh largest craft brewery in the country as of 2019. It increased its efficiency using IT Documentation. Download our Infographic to learn how IT Glue helped Bell Brewery increase efficiency.

IT Glue, Designed by IT Professionals for IT Professionals – Infographic

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IT professionals of this digital age require robust and structured tools that can make life easy for them. The same applies for documentation as well. Designed for IT professionals, IT Glue is a documentation solution that consolidates, standardizes and structures siloed information into a single pane of glass to decrease ticket resolution time. Download this infographic to get an idea of how IT Glue compares against unstructured documentation solutions like SharePoint, Confluence, etc.

Onboarding Roadmap

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Incorporating a new documentation system in your organization requires careful consideration of various things. While this may seem overwhelming at first, you can manage this by following the proper guidelines. You need to gather some insights on how to get oriented with the new documentation system and how it will affect the efficiency of your organization. Check out this infographic to understand the onboarding process and how much ROI you can generate with the right documentation system.

Security Framework Sandwich

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Organizations today have a lot to deal with when it comes to cybersecurity and compliance. Hence, you need to develop the right framework to establish the right processes in place.

4 Ways Smart Documentation Keeps Your Business Running Throughout the Holiday Season

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While the holiday season is a fun time for everyone else, business owners, including MSPs, always find it challenging to keep their operations running during the most demanding time of the year. Juggling between work and fun could be overwhelming for most IT professionals. However, there is a workaround to this with the help of smart documentation. Download this infographic to learn four simple ways how smart documentation can help you operate your business smoothly without ruining the festivities of your holiday season!

Customer Spotlight: Ratcliff IT

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Here’s an account of how Ratcliff IT leveraged IT Glue to standardize their IT documentation, make it easily accessible, and build key processes based on it to enhance efficiency and service delivery. Download this infographic to learn about: • Ratcliff IT’s a tussle with IT documentation • Why they chose IT Glue • What IT Glue has done for Ratcliff IT

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