The Great Resignation eBook

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Even if you haven’t experienced it firsthand, you may have at least heard about The Great Resignation and how it has impacted organizations across the world. Among the many impacts of this event, there is nothing more serious than the knowledge loss resulting from it. Besides losing talent and productivity, you also risk losing critical institutional knowledge that plays a key role in your day-to-day operations. While losing institutional knowledge might sound scary, it is not something unpreventable. By documenting all your critical information, you can improve knowledge retention and ensure the efficient transfer of knowledge within your team.

IT Documentation: A Beginner’s Guide eBook

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IT documentation outlines the steps to rectify an issue, how to execute a process, operate efficiently, gain more knowledge, and more. In this eBook, we’ll explore the different aspects of IT documentation and how you can leverage it for long-term success.

Scaling Your MSP Remotely eBook

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Scaling your MSP business is a two-pronged approach where you must focus on growing your team while also increasing your customer base at the same time. A lot of factors come into play when it comes to scaling MSPs. From choosing the new services to software purchasing, billing, training, customer service, etc., the whole process takes significant effort on your part. Moreover, the remote working complications arising from the pandemic have also compounded the situation. Despite all that, you can still take a lot of measures and achieve the desired growth in your MSP. This eBook will discuss how you can scale your MSP successfully in today’s remote working scenario.

Avert Culture Clash: Develop a Positive and Productive Work Culture With Documentation eBook

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It is estimated that 72% of employees value organizational culture as a factor to work in a particular company. Companies with a positive work culture can boost engagement, improve retention rates, create a sense of camaraderie among employees and increase overall productivity. Proper documentation allows you to work smarter and helps your team focus on new opportunities and solving new problems instead of mitigating the impact of old ones. In this eBook, we’ll review how a positive culture of documentation impacts key aspects of your business, including employee retention/turnover, productivity, sales and customer experience. If culture comes first, performance will follow.

Security and Infrastructure Documentation Process Handbook

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In this eBook, we’ll discuss the significance of staying up to date with infrastructure and security requirements. Most importantly, we’ll also talk about the best practices you can employ to convince your clients or managers to get on board with your enhancement recommendations, backed up by standardized, well-documented processes.

The Ultimate MSP COVID Era Recovery Guide

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As organizations prepare for their return to offices, it is likely to bring forth a range of new challenges. It is time for MSPs to be prepared for these challenges. This eBook will guide you with your COVID era recovery plans and shed light on the different ways you can prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

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