A Guide to Active Directory & Active Directory Management

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Providing employees with the right level of access is a significant challenge even in today’s digital world. When you give too many people access to critical information, you are putting your data security at risk. However, you also need to delegate work to the lowest level in your organization to ensure higher productivity. You can achieve that with the help of Active Directory.

IT Glue Product Update – 2022 Q1

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If the pandemic has taught us anything in the last two years, it is the need to be proactive and tackle new challenges as they come along. The year 2021 taught us many great lessons, most of which stressed the importance of upgrading our processes and toolboxes to manage all kinds of unknown threats and issues. At IT Glue, we are committed to bringing our users new features and updates based on market trends and customer feedback. When it comes to innovative, secure and reliable documentation solutions, we’ve got your back. Let’s check out some of the key IT Glue feature releases and enhancements we made in 2021 that can help you kickstart 2022 with a bang.

Document Collaboration: Drive Results With Real-Time Document Editing

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Collaboration is the need of the hour in today’s business world. Business processes and workflows cannot afford any delays and bottlenecks in today’s environment just because someone does not have access to the right information. The best way to address this issue is through documentation collaboration. Considering the speed at which businesses operate today, collaboration can play a huge role in business productivity, profitability and growth. In this blog, we'll discuss how document collaboration works and why it is a critical factor in today’s competitive business world.

IT Glue Product Update – Q3

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If you missed our Q3 product update and want to check out what our product and engineering team has been up to, here's a list of some of our recent releases. These are aimed at driving additional operational efficiency across your business by making knowledge acquisition and process execution a simple, secure and structured experience.

Feature Release: Backup Coverage Report

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The IT Glue Backup Coverage Report is an integration with Unitrends that enables a “set it and forget it” approach. IT Glue brings relevant backup information to your technicians’ workflow who then get the complete picture, making it easy to identify workstations and servers that are missing a backup. 

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