ITG Benchmark Report 2022

ITG Benchmark Report 2022


At each stage of MSP growth, the challenges are distinct. While you may only realize this in retrospect, if you look back at your journey today, you’ll realize that you’ve faced a host of different challenges along the way — and with each challenge that you’ve overcome, you have moved to a new level. However, the approaches to business that got you this far aren’t necessarily the approaches that will get you to the next level.

This is why leaders benchmark their performance against those who are already in the place they want to be in. If you run a $10 million MSP, you wouldn’t benchmark it against a $500,000 MSP — because not only have you passed that threshold, but your business is completely different now.

This benchmark report will help you to get a sense of what that transformation looks like in practice — how MSPs are crossing the chasm, so to speak, from being companies that grow incrementally to growing exponentially.

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